OMR Software

OMR Software Features

OMR Software can collect checkbox data from any type of form that has been created to use with it, for example answer sheets, evaluations, surveys, checklists, timesheets.

The features included in the software can be used for creating the style of OMR sheet you need and organising the captured data from the respondents to be exported in the order that you need.

When the omr sheet template is being created, it is set up to capture the information you need and link the captured data to the candidates if required.

Create and Print OMR Sheets

All brands of OMR software require the pages to be printed from a template that is compatible with the software.

Creating the compatible OMR template is the first thing you will have to do before publishing, printing and distributing the OMR scannable forms.

Of course some OMR software systems will have the availability to purchase the specially printed compatible forms, but this is an extra cost that can be avoided if you can print the pages yourself on plain paper.

OMR software that has an in built OMR template editor for creating the OMR template makes the process of creating a recognizable OMR template much easier.

This is because the OMR templates created in the editor are instantly recognised by the software, no need to train the form to be recognised. Another benefit of creating you own OMR template, is the forms can be printed on plain paper, as many as you want at any time.

Some OMR Software systems will require the OMR template to be designed in Word. This sounds easy but after the template is ready it will have to be trained to be recognised by the software, which requires a number of difficult steps especially if you’re not sure what you are doing.

Creating and Printing your own plain paper OMR forms eliminates the need to pre-order specially printed OMR forms that are used with OMR Reader Scanners, Significantly cutting down ongoing expenses.


Image: The OMR software free 30 day trial has a built in editor, with the tools needed for designing printable and scannable OMR templates.

Alternatively use a free sample OMR bubble sheet templates. The template samples each have a pdf preview so you only need to download the one you want.

Automation and Integration

Instant recognition of the OMR template, cuts out the many complicated steps of training the template to be recognised by the OMR software.

The OMR sheets printed from the OMR template will integrate with the OMR software processor for complete automation of capturing response and barcode information from the scanned pages.

A Unique OMR form for Each Candidate

This is another optional feature of OMR Software. When the OMR template is published, Data Table records are sourced, to print a unique form for each person. This is similar to mail merge.

There is also an option to embed banks of different questions for particular candidates into the OMR sheet template. For example male oriented questions will print for male candidates in your database. At publication of the forms different questions will print for particular records in your database.

Software Based OMR Reader / Form Processor

When the OMR template is published, the OMR software stores the template information, so that when each form is scanned and returned, the processor will recognise it using the barcode.

The OMR software can capture response marks from single checkboxes, banks of checkboxes or a grid of checkboxes used for capturing numbers, such as an ID number. The captured data from each page is stored along with the form page ID and the ID of the candidate who completed the page.

Know which forms havent’t been returned

OMR software automatically stores the captured data from each returned form, with the saved published form it belongs to. If any form hasn’t yet been returned to the system or has gone unrecognised, it will show as “0 processed pages”


Cross Platform

Cross Platform OMR software will run on a Windows, Mac or Linux operating system, making the OMR sheet files compatible to be shared between platforms.

Automatic Form Page Recognition

Automatic OMR sheet identification will look for form identifying barcodes in scanned form images and link the captured data from each page with the template publication it belongs to. No need to scan forms in any particular order.


Automatic Scoring

Automatic Scoring will automatically score forms based on a Set answer key or aggregation rule, calculating a score for assessments, exams or tests.

Automatic Scoring

Form Personalization

Tailor each form for it’s recipient using optional OMR sheet personalization. Template Variable Replacement which is similar to mail merge can be used to customize the information displayed on forms such as first or last names, ID numbers, address information and more.

Alternatively, a grid of checkbox bubbles for capturing filled in ID numbers can be added to the OMR form design.


Image: Using the OMR editor Create a grid of checkboxes for capturing a filled in ID number which will automatically reconcile to the record in the data table.

Randomize questions for form recipients based on fields such as skill level, demographics and any other group association data.

Barcode Reader and Writer

Increasingly, Health care centres are relying on barcodes to help organise documents for individual patients. OMR software captures printed barcodes or you can Affix custom barcode labels after the OMR forms are printed and capture unique barcode information linking the OMR forms with patient’s records in your data table. Many types of barcodes are supported such as 1D barcodes including Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, EAN13, EAN128 and 2D barcodes such as QR Code.

Affix Barcode Here

International Language Support

Language support available in English and Spanish or you can translate the interface yourself by modifying the OMR software’s interface translation files.

Built In Database

SQL database built in for creating and storing data tables. Add records for the form recipients or import records from existing databases.


Networkable makes OMR software great for offices and workgroups.

Quality Graphics

Print quality graphics on customized omr sheets for a professional look.