OMR Software

OMR Sheets

OMR sheets are paper data collection forms printed from a template created for OMR Software.

When an OMR sheet isn’t compatible with the OMR software, it can’t be recognised and processed.

When OMR software has an inbuilt OMR sheet template editor, for creating custom OMR sheets, this can make the process of getting a compatible template a lot easier.

OMR answer sheet

Image: A paper OMR answer sheet used for scanning and automatically capturing fill in the bubble responses to multiple choice question tests and exams

Paper OMR sheets used with OMR software, can be printed with a lazer printer onto plain white printer paper. An OMR sheet template is created to print from.

Due to the cheaper cost of printing on plain paper and scanning with an ordinary image scanner, the OMR sheets used with OMR software can be custom designed to contain anything you need showing on the page.

Although OMR sheets have traditionally been used as answer sheets in education for quickly grading multiple choice question tests, Printed OMR Software sheets can be also used to scan and automatically collect all types of handmarked data from checkbox bubble responses, such as stocktake sheets, surveys and quality control checklists.

OMR sheet survey

Image: The type of OMR sheet that can be created for lickert scale surveys

A dedicated OMR Reader / Scanner can recognise and process specific forms, purchased to use with the machine.

On the other hand, OMR software, which is used on your computer, can recognise and process custom OMR sheets, scanned using your regular scanner.

OMR Software Sheets

OMR Software sheets are printed onto plain white paper from a Template that has been created to be recognised by the OMR software being used.

When OMR Software sheets have been filled in by the respondents, they are scanned using an ordinary scanner, and uploaded into the OMR software to be quickly processed into computer data. No need for any high end expensive scanner or OMR reader.

The processing of OMR sheets into results is automated with OMR Software. There is no manual data entry involved, which saves hours of time and effort and is much more cost effective than manually collecting results. OMR sheets for OMR software are designed and printed on plain paper, saving on the ongoing cost of buying scannable OMR sheets.

The Captured information is stored on your computer and can be exported to a spreadsheet or other management software via a CSV file.

OMR sheets for exams are commonly called bubble sheets or answer sheets and are used for collecting only the answers from multiple choice paper exams, assessments and tests, along with a separate paper question sheet.

How are OMR Software Sheets Scanned

OMR Software Sheets are scanned using an ordinary scanner, at around 400 dpi. It is important to have clear scanned images of the OMR sheets and to make sure there are no white or black dots on the images that can corrupt what the OMR software will detect.

Clearly scanned images of OMR sheets will be instantly recognized by their unique barcode, when they are uploaded to the OMR software’s processor.

How are OMR Sheets Processed in OMR Software

The scanned images of your OMR sheets are uploaded to the software which will instantly recognise the ID barcode on clearly scanned images.

No matter how many publications you have going at one time, the scanned images uploaded to the OMR software will automatically link with the published template they belong to, capturing and storing response information in the correct place.

No need for the OMR sheets to be scanned in any particular order.

The OMR Software totals the black and white pixel count in each checkbox, and determines the checkboxes containing over a certain percentage of black pixels, as being filled in. The checkboxes that are determined as containing a mark are captured as value data (eg: A,B,C,D) and exported via CSV file to be used for further analysis.

All this can be done using only a regular scanner and your computer. Fast and automatic, OMR software is cross platform compatible, which means it will run on your Mac or Windows computer.

Practice creating your own OMR sheets with a free OMR software trial. The sheets you create can be used to automatically collect people’s response marks from your next batch of exams, surveys, checklists or tests.

Download OMR software - 30 days free trial When the forms are handed back they are scanned and processed by Optical Mark Recognition Software to automatically read the filled checkbox bubble responses. No tedious manual data entry is required, the resulting data is non biased and accurate.