OMR Software

OMR Software sheet Scanning

Image: Scanning bubble sheets for OMR Software using a document scanner with automatic paper feed.

OMR software together with a good quality document scanner is the most reliable (with close to 100% accuracy) and a cost effective option when it comes to scanning large quantities of OMR sheets for automatic OMR response data collection.

Once your scanners correct settings have been established, the same settings can be used again for scanning response forms for OMR software.

Save the scanned images in a format accepted by the OMR software - normally PNG., TIF and GIF are acceptable formats.

If the resolution is set too high, the image files will be large and take up more space on your computer taking longer to process by the OMR software.

Not all scanners are made the same and some will cause problems.

  • It is recommended to scan at 400 dpi to produce clear images for OMR software.
OMR software detection

Image: A section of a clearly scanned omr sheet. The identifying barcode is detected and the marked checkboxes are captured as value data.

  • Image quality makes the difference of forms being detected accurately or not. We recommend using a higher end document scanner or a scanner that takes good quality images.

The following are some important tips for scanning and saving form images

  • Remember OMR sheet scanned images are documents, not Photographs, so don’t save your images as JPEG files.

  • Don’t use image enhancing filters, such as a sharpening filter.

  • Some scanners with automatic document feeders can scan images in a non-perfect straight line (ie, the image appears to “bow”). If your scanner does this, it would be wize to get a better scanner.

  • If images are blurry, you require a better scanner.

  • Photocopiers can be problematic with the “speckle” that they can place on a copied page, which interferes with detection of barcodes and filled checkboxes.

  • If you use a flatbed scanner and the foam is worn away, this may cause black spots or blurry patches. The paper must be held firmly against the glass to take a good image.

  • Fax machines take low resolution images, though it is possible to increase the size of everything in the form, they are not recommended as OMR Software scanners.

  • If you have problems with OMR detection, increase the DPI of your scanner. If you still have problems, invest in a better scanner.